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3D Printable Foldable and Stackable Storage Crate STL Files

3D Printable Foldable and Stackable Storage Crate STL Files

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Ready to take your organization kit to the next level?


These stackable and collapsible storage crates are 100% 3D Printable and ready to be imported to your favorite slicer! These crates come in 5 simple to print pieces.


Just simply print them, snap them together, and viola you have a foldable and easy to carry storage crate.

This file comes with 3 unique and different designs featuring

- Original Crate Pattern

- Hole Crate Pattern

- Solid Pattern


Each file has been tested and printed using a BambuLabs Printer. Just simply import the file into your slicer and re-orient and resize the model as needed to fit your use case. Total Model Print time was about 6 hours and took a total of 150 grams of filament to print. The larger crate in the featured images was about 300 grams of filament and took about 11 hours of print time.


If you like to support my work and get access to all my files, commercial licenses, and early releases… then you can learn more about it through my Patreon:


3D Print Settings: Difficulty level: Intermediate to Advanced Print Supports: Recommended Infill: 15% - 20% (More Infill means stronger print)


Additional Notes: Please start your initial layers at slower speeds, Highly recommend to have a solid first layer before speeding up your prints.

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