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3D Printable Heavy Duty Gear Box Compact Size

3D Printable Heavy Duty Gear Box Compact Size

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3D Printing meets heavy duty ⚙️

This rugged gear box is the perfect print for holding and keeping all your gear and accessories organized. This 3D Printed designed is 100% 3D printed and can be printed on any printer. This design features a rugged handle for easy carrying, an optional insert to organize your tools, and a top slot to fit more essentials.

Total Pieces to Print:

1 - Main Case

2 - Lid

3 - Handle

4 - Screws (4X)

5 - Clasp

6 - Insert

7 - Band (Print With TPU)


Print Details

The total print time for this item was about 16 hours on my BambuLabs X1C - I used the highest/best settings possible to achieve the hightest quality result. Print times can be much faster than that with default settings.


You will additionally receive a manual with printing instructions to help you piece this project together.


Please note that this design is part of a larger collection of Gear boxes. I will be releasing the collection in spurts as its actively being worked on.

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