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3D Printable Collapsible Basket STL Files

3D Printable Collapsible Basket STL Files

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Get ready for summer with this 3D Printable Collapsible Basket!

This 100% 3D Printable Basket is portable, collapsible, and can be taken anywhere on the go! This part comes in 10 easy to assemble pieces and is the ultimate print for storing items, taking it on trips, while maximizing portability.

This baskets features snap-on handles allowing you to carry with with you and items of your choosing. You additionally, have a crate like pattern to showcase this awesome design. Hinges are fully collapsible allowing you to store within a safe space, and can unfold in less than 5 seconds.


Each file has been tested and printed using a BambuLabs Printer. Just simply import the file into your slicer and re-orient and resize the model as needed to fit your use case. Total Model Print time was about 7 hours for the Smaller one (Green) While the larger one was about 10 hours total. If you like to support my work and get access to all my files, commercial licenses, and early releases… then you can learn more about it through my Patreon:


3D Print Settings:

Difficulty level: Intermediate to Advanced Print

Supports: Recommended for certain parts

Infill: 12% - 20% (Certain Parts)


Additional Notes: Please ensure your first layer adhesion is set, this is to prevent warping and any possible loss of functionally. You can watch the printing instructions video for reference or if you have any questions before purchasing. Take a look here:

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